ALT +C to Mesh in 2.80?

ALT+C to convert TEXT to Mesh in 2.79.

But doesn’t work in 2.80? How to convert a TEXT into Mesh in 2.80 please?


It’s now in the right click menu (or the W menu if you’re using right click to select).

Ahh ok, pressing W and then “Convert to Mesh” :slight_smile:

And once I turn to Mesh, in 2.79 I UNWRAP.

How I Unwrap the text in 2.80?

It should be exactly the same. Ctrl+E to mark a seam and then U to unwrap.

Pressing Ctrl+E does nothing?

That’s strange. For me it brings up the edge menu just like in 2.79. Check your keybinding settings. Alternatively you can use the search menu to find the mark seam option.

When I press F3 to search for Mark or Seam, there are no results?

Check that you’re in Edit Mode and that your mouse is over the relevant window (3d Viewport or UV Editor here).

Yep that solved it, thank you Tommy:)

Do you know how to expand a texture on text in 2.8?

In 2.79 I would press Tab + A and then rezise, but that don’t work in 2.8?

Key binding defaults have changed in 2.8 and could change again.
Set it to the 2.79 keymap if you want the old bindings then try those shortcuts. Else stick to 2.79 for UVing and texturing the text.