Alt-D and copy

I got a cube then made one rivet then alt-d to put more rivets all around one face.

Now if i try to joint it seems that this will multiply the numbers of rivets ?
Very Strange behavior ?

How can i copy those rivets on one face to another face ?

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Now if i try to joint it seems that this will multiply the numbers of rivets ?

I don’t understand that part at all, but it seems you’re trying to do it in Edit mode?


I just tried it with no problem. I had one cube then added a small UV sphere in one corner of one face in Object mode. Then I Alt-D the rivet all around the cube face. Then I selected all the rivets and the cube and Ctrl-J to join them all. Nothing duplicated.

You my need to give more information.

I’ve definately seen this. Even just a few days ago with my gate mesh. And, ofcourse, can’t reproduce it now.


Ok, it seems to have to do with duplicating an already duplicated object. This works for me: from a fresh file (ctrl-x) alt-d the cube and move it aside. Alt-d the allready duplicated cube again and move it aside. Now join the last duplicube with the original cube, you get four cubes in total. Don’t know if thats what the starter meant, or if its supposed to be like that.

Yes, that’s supposed to be like that. Alt-D makes Instances, Shft-D makes Copies.


So what is happening is the two cubes join and then the one left-out will become a duplicate of the joined object, thus creating 4 cubes?

Add a Cube and it’s OB: and ME: name will be the same (Cube).

Alt-D Cube and the duplicate now is OB:Cube.001 but the ME: is still ‘Cube’; the Mesh is an Instance used by Both Objects, there’s a 2 in the MeshData.

Shft-D and the duplicate gets it’s own Mesh, ME:Cube.001.


It is possible that i did Alt -D on instances of the original object
and this seems to add new object to the existing set when i try to Joint them.

What can i do against that ?

because i need to copy objects and their original position to the other side of my big cube !

unless i redo the other side one riret by one - But i do have a total of about 50 rivets on one side ( and my object is a little more complicated than a simple cube in terms of faces )


Use dupliverts…

create a plane, subdivide it so there are verticies where you want the rivets and do the duplivert tango


you can either do this for a face then copy and translate or use a cube and delete the extras in the middle of the cube


After re-booting i was unable to reporduce the effect ?

Don’t understand what happened!

Duplivert is a nice way

but cannot be applied in my case because the angles of the faces from one side to the other are not the same !

Tanks anyway