ALT + D command

(TazyTiggy) #1

I have seen alot of posted pics that have mirrored sides, I have tried to do this but it doesn’t seem to work right. Once you duplicate it how do you move it to make it a mirror? Or am I using the wrong command? All the models that I have made have been mainly one piece. Each side is modeled seperately, and hopefully they look the same.

(RipSting) #2

Alt-D creates an instance of an object, Shift-D creates a full copy. When you do either of these you can flip one by selecting it and hitting S->X or S->Y. What this does is size it by -1 (basically flipping it) on the X or Y axis.

(z3r0 d) #3

If you want to do any modeling in a shaded view, the normals will be odd on the other half.

I suggest that you make them single sided (unpress double sided button in edit buttons), and learn mesh editing techniques that don’t change the face orientation. Subsurfs!!! modeling.

I don’t know where to tell you where to start on that right now

(nerddogs) #4

When I mirror a mesh in shaded view and it goes all black in color I hit ctrl-a "apply size and rot " and it goes back to it’s proper shadeing.