"Alt+J" producing weird results

As you can see, the sides of the model I’m working on (an imported game model that was originally all tris). I can’t seem to get the angles to work the way I want when I use the “Alt+J” shortcut. Instead of them being straight forward (like in the green), they’re going in a diagonal fashion (as seen in the red).

What can I do to circumvent this? I’m trying different angle settings (as you can see by most of the mesh still being in tris), but it’s still producing a similar result. Is there any workarounds that doesn’t force me to do a manual remeshing or leave everything in tris?

That’s how ALT+J Work in blender. You can use remesher from 3ds Max 2022 that works great.

Joining triangles is ambiguous operation, so it cant be solved in a way which represents the original mesh 100%. Remeshing (Blender does have quad remesh too) can produce more visually pleasing topology, but still wont be totally accurate to original. Not to mention it will destroy UV coordinates

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Yeah sadly the option compare UV etc or the angles don’t help… sometimes it help to select a whole row in the UV space then expand the selection in 3D view and use trito quads repeativly… a lot’s of work… :frowning:

I know that it’s a risk, but where is the quad remesh feature in Blender? I mostly use procedural shaders and/or simple textures if it’s something like car paint.

You can convert your tris to quads or remesh, both of which are bad solutions. I would use retopo to create a new mesh over your current one.

In the Object Data panel: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/modeling/meshes/retopology.html

See, if my modeling skills weren’t at the level of “extrude this part, delete that part, try to use a modifier only to have it screw up on me and sit there stumped trying to unscrew it”. I’d be doing that sort of thing, if not just making my own outright.

But they aren’t. so I’m trying to Alt+J these things. And every time I do try to remesh the end result manually, Ctrl+Z doesn’t work right, and the program crashes for whatever reason.

That’s totally okay… not everybody like every kind of modelling…

I recently saw this video about What are the OTHER Ways to Model in Blender? from @curtisjamesholt .

There are just different ways…