Alt+O problems


I’m currently useing the newest version of the blender. I can’t figure out how to clear the origin of an object. Tried with the combination Alt+O, but blender goes into proportional fallout editing. When I select clear origin from the menu, it simply doesn’t work. When the object is moved to an antoher location, then origin cleared, it will hop $back to it’s previous (initial) location when i klick Alt+g. Very hard to do modeling without the clear origin when animating mechanical gears og when it comes to arrays.
Is this a bug? Anyone familiar with this and with a possible solution? I’ve checked all the settings and they look ok.

Best regards
Jan Z

In object mode for the object, in the 3d window header Object menu look under Transform. This is where the options to adjust and objects origin is now.

edit: I just tried the clear origin and yea, doesn’t seem to do much. I usually set the cursor to where I want the origin of an object to be, then set the object’s origin in Object mode using the menu I described…


Sorry I can’t find anything in the Object->Transform menu. It’s possible to find “Origin Alt+O” Object->Clear menu, but it seems like it does absolutely nothing. After using if from the menu it seems like the object origin isn’t cleared.

Clear Origin is for children objects. This only works in object mode.

Perhaps you’re looking for Apply Location (Ctrl+A)?