Alt+R, Alt+G stop working?

Hello all,

Odd issue here, and I can’t duplicate it on my other files so I was hoping I someone else could take a look. For some reason now when I press Alt+R or Alt+G to reset rotation or position on posed bones, they reset to the last keyed pos/rot and not their original pos/rot (what you’d see in Armature edit mode). I consider this a bug (although I’m sure some would consider it a feature), but as it’s never happened to me before and it’s persistant between file saves I think it must be something I’ve done?

Here’s the .blend: . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

it happens to me sometimes too, the only thing i can do is go back to object mode and then to pose moden and it usualy works, its a pain but hasnet been doin it lately

It must be your computer- your .blend clears rotation and location normally. This might sound a little offensive, but are you sure that you had the 3d window selected?

Edit: That’s a really good lipsynch on there, by the way

yes a real good lipsync

What version of blender are you using?

If it is a several weeks old cvs build, then I wouldn’t be suprised. Ton fixed an issue like this a few weeks ago.

Here on current cvs, there doesn’t seem to be any problem as far as I could see.


I did have the 3D window selected. :slight_smile: I would be insulted, except I’ve made really stupid errors like that before.

I wasn’t using CVS – I using 2.42a. I generally play with CVS versions but I don’t use them for projects if I can help it – the in-between phases are too scattered. Building one from CVS now…

… and the issue is fixed. Awesome. Looks like I have to move to CVS for the rest of this animation. Thanks guys!

@RANKN67 @Alden:

Thanks on the lipsync. Too bad it takes less effort than body motion. ^_^;

I upgraded to CVS (17 Nov; I’m hesitant to use the latest because of the armature calculation redo that seems to have caused problems). While it solved my first issue I have a different one where while I’m deleting keyframes the armature stops animating in the 3D view. The keyframes that I don’t delete are still there and connected, but it’s like the armature gets disconnected from 3D view frame changes. I have to rotate the bones in the 3D view a few times and scrub back and forth in order for the armature animation to get “reconnected.”

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hmm… this might be another strange depsgraph issue?


I’ve experienced similar lock-ups for quite some time (since 2.40 at least). It usually happens for me if I undo a bone key or translation. After that, the armature animation does not play unless I do something to a bone.

Huh… It never happened to me in v2.42 until I switched to CVS. Were you ever able to get it to occur consistantly? For me here, it seems almost completely random. For example, it happened twice yesterday but I’ve been animating all day today and it hasn’t hit me once.

Is anyone actively working on the dependency graph? Seems like there are a few issues that are related to it.