Alt-R Leg just turns in circles! alt-G does nothing?

Look at the picture. The bones of the leg, in the blue circle, rotate around the hip, about 10 degrees, with each press Alt-r clear rotation. So it just makes a big circle?

And Clear location doesnt do anything at all?

And the bones dont work like they are supposed to, according to this:

Just down to the point of bending the knee by lifting the foot, no further in the tut.

Pretty strange, huh? Here is the blend

I tried it with a new armature too and it does the same thing. Using 2.45.


Just a guess here (the link doesn’t seem to be working) … but it looks like 1) you have keys applied to the armature so that might be the reason why Alt-R isn’t working and/or 2) the parts you want to clear rotations from are a part of an IK chain but does not include the IK target itself . And you cannot clear a rotation in a bone that is rotated by an IK solver (or for that matter any constraint) only way to clear it would be to clear the location of the IK target with Alt-G with the IK target selected .

Hmm, I checked the keys and yes there were three set, I dont know how it happened, but I deleted them. And I dont understand about the ik solver part?
I have the contrainst to the ik knee on the top leg(thigh bone) and then the the ik heel contraint on the heel bone.

does it help if I tell you that when I move the head bone, the leg goes in circles??? LOLOLOLOL… crap…

I cant stop laughing, Im sorry, this thing is crazy and it hates me…
I just tried the file download at it was there? You have to wait a second, while it gives you the dont like waiting message, but its faster then most the other sites.

I understand what you mean - everything I move makes stuff fly in circles. It helps to have a mesh to visualize which bones are for what, though, and usually you put the solvers and control handles on the visible layer and hide the others on a different bone layer. Right now, everything just looks the same, sorry :slight_smile:

4shared is pretty good, I like it too.

you are doing something funky with ik chains that causes cycle in T.L and IKLeg.L
check the parent relationships, and remove iks and redo them.

i am not sure what you are trying to do, looks very strange, but here is little fix.

p.s. it’s spelled weird, not wierd :slight_smile:


I will download it, sorry about wierd, im cixelsyd…i know thats what the spelling checker is for… having so many similar terms confuses me for the bones…I dont know how to explain it…it plays with me little iti brain.

Im not TRYing to do something odd, just make an armature for a humanoid. But apparantly, its not ever goin got happen!!! I was falling the leg tut:

Crap, have been busy with very sick kitten and unable to do anything today, maybe tom evening after vet etc etc…

anyone want to donate to the stray cat fund? I didnt take poor kitty to vet at 2 am because they quoted me a minimum fee of $3000!

Thank you… very much! But the knee isnt connected? I am afraid to touch it.

craigomatic: sorry, i pulled the model off, she is a secret for our new game! And she just looked horrible with her foot up by her ear and all twisted up.

ititrx: yes i didn’t connect it. you only had one of them anyways… and it seems to behave quite nicely without :slight_smile: anyway, if you need it, you could make upper leg bone track that… or, now in svn brechts nice pole-vector stuff can help out too.


yes, it does work nicely now. I just wanted to follow the tut and understand what was happening. I was only working it on one leg.

Actually I started another armature in a new file and went from scratch, and when I added the knee, it did the same thing.

I didnt even get down to the foot! So I assummed I was really doing something wrong. Yet I thought I followed the tut word for word.

I was hoping to use that ik solver to keep the knee from rotating for side to side when I lifted the foot. I know I can move everything very carefully to animate it.

However I wanted to use the automatic frame thingy. But I wouldnt want a frame set for every move I made while trying to position the bones. smile.
Yes, I noticed the pole-vector and read it. Thinking aha. However I dont understand it enough to actually use it.

I think you just add a bone, give it a constraint pointing the ik at the proper bone-end? pole, and then press that button?

Ok, well I thank you again, very much.

I will study and do some research on this. It looks likes everyone uses the same terms for this. I had thought it was software specific.

I am just plain confused, because it looks like the ik solver can be used to grab the bones and move them. Or it can just be in a bone, or it can be a bone that ends a chain and points to another bone, such as in my example blend.

at the shoulder is a bone/iksolver pointing at the wrist. However the bsod tut doesnt explain how it works, just to use it there. And that tut was never finished.

Again, thanks very much!