Alt-Right-Mouse for zoom: behaves differently if I set it manually vs. using Maya preset

Blender 2.79:

If I start Blender in the Maya mode (from the splash screen), holding down the ALT key and using the right mouse button to scrub LEFT to RIGHT will zoom OUT and IN.

In the key mapping section of the user preferences, I see that:

3D View -> 3D View (Global) -> Zoom View is set to:

Alt Right Mouse
RNA: VIEW3D_OT_zoom,
Zoom Position X: 0,
Zoom Position Y: 0,
Delta: 0

But I really want to keep pretty much all of the default blender settings, with just a microscopically few number of changes (Maya style navigation being the bulk of that).

So I open Blender up using the Blender defaults and edit the key map to chance Zoom View to these exact same settings.

But now holding down the alt-right mouse I have to move the mouse UP and DOWN to zoom IN and OUT (vs moving the mouse RIGHT and LEFT).

Essentially it behaves just like it does in the default where ctrl middle mouse uses the UP and DOWN motion to zoom in and out.

Clearly there is some other setting that I am not finding that converts this UP and DOWN to a LEFT and RIGHT version.

Blender 2.8 (which I am trying to move to) has the industry standard keymap (which I am not inclined to use, but for now I am testing out). It suffers from the same issue right off the bat. UP and DOWN zoom IN and OUT (instead of RIGHT and LEFT).

Does anyone have any idea how to switch this? I have done a bunch of searching but either I am alone in this or I can’t figure out the proper search terms.