Alt+RMB... doesn't work in linux?

Like I said in the title… does it? cause I get a pop-up menu for… wat I want to do with the screen(blender)… close it, lock it… blabla… anyone knows what to do about it?(I’m on elive ATM)

Your ‘question’ is pretty confusing

But at least here alt+RMB in editmode and edge-select mode selects all connected edges… never tried it in other jobs. May be elive-desktop key-shortcut also, so elive ‘grabs’ the keypresses instead of blenda

On default, Linux will assign window (not the operating system) operations such as move to next desktop or maximise, minimise to the alt button.

You need to change they keyboard button’s function to allow you to use Alt + RMB feature in Blender.

If you’re using Fedora Core 5 KDE, then go to the Control Center (from the K flyout menu on the dekstop) to adjust keyboard preferences.

In the Control Center, view the “Dekstop” menu and then choose the submenu “Window Behaviour”.

In the Window Behaviour, look for the “Window Actions” tab and click on it.

In the Window Actions tab, there should be a “Modifier Key” setting set to Alt button which you want to change. Change this to “Meta” or something other than Alt.

You should be done then.

Try to look for the same Window Behaviour menus like the ones I mentioned above if you’re using other linux distributions.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

That was the one thing killing me, I just started using Linux and Blender GUI seems to work much smoother on Linux than Windows, but the ALT+RMB caused me some hair loss.