Alt-S is not working in 2.5

I am having a problem with the Alt-S (shrink/fatten) command in Blender 2.5. It is supposed to scale along the normals, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I have used Alt-S in older versions, but it has not worked for me in either 2.56 or the new 2.57. I use this command often and I have seen people use it in recent video tutorials so I know that it is available. I have also looked throught the user preferances and have found that the command IS there and enabled so I don’t understand what is wrong. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Have you tried “Smooth Vertices” in the Toolshelf?

When requesting help, it would really assist others in helping you if you would at least let folks know what operating system you are using and what build of Blender you are using. I can tell you that under windows XP 32 bits, the shrink/fatten command has worked perfectly under 2.55, 2.56 and currently working in 2.57.

@asalina - thank you for your sugestion, but that is not really what I’m looking for.

@MikeJ - I apologize for not stating what operating system I’m using, it is Windows Vista 32 bits. However, I did say that it has not worked in either 2.56 or the new 2.57, I never used 2.55 so I don’t know if it worked with that version.

I have been using the same computer for a number of years now and the Alt-S command has always worked in previous versions. I have been looking around the web trying to find out if anyone else has had the same problem and for possible solution, but I have yet to find any similar issues.

What do you actually mean by “it doesn’t seem to be working”. Is it that nothing happens or something unexpected happens?
You say “Is anyone else experiencing this problem?”, tell us what the problem is. Attach a screencast, images, blend file etc showing what you are doing and getting as a result and what you expect to get.

The Alt-S command simply does not work. The Alt-S (shrink/Fatten) command is supposed to scale along the vertice normals. It is similar to the S command, but instead of causing the the mesh to grow larger or smaller Alt-S causes the mesh to ballon-up, inflate or deflate.
The problem is that the command just doesn’t work. I know that the command should work, because recent tutorials on have shown it in use. Also, I have found the command in the User Preferances screen and it shows that it is enabled. It is impossible for me to show a screen shot of the problem because the problem is simply that when I press Alt-S nothing happens, it should work, but it does not.

Blender 2.57 here and it works.
I did this: Add a subsurf modifier to the default cube and Apply the modifier. Enter edit mode and select a few vertices and Alt + S and they move along their normals as expected.

Well, all I can do is confirm what I said above which is that it is working perfectly under Win32 2.57.

Which means that either there is something wrong with your specific computer, or what you think is not happening actually is and you are somehow not seeing it.

Just to confirm: When you invoke Alt+s, down in the lower left-hand corner of the Blender window, it does not say “Shrink/fatten: 0.0000”? It does for me, and as I move the mouse the numbers move accordingly to specify how much I am actually transforming.

If this is showing up, then the command is being invoked, but perhaps your mouse movement is not modifying the numbers in making the transformation. If it is not showing up, then the command is being ignored and there may be a conflicting hotkey somewhere.

Absolutely nothing happens when I hold down Alt and press S. Nothing at all. I understand what everyone is saying, but the command does absolutely nothing. It has always worked in previous versions on this same computer, but it is not working for me in 2.56 or 2.57. Am I really the only one experiencing this problem? I’m not stupid, I have been using Blender for about ten years now. Is there anything that I could be doing wrong? It is a simple command, I just don’t understand why it is not working for me.

Ok, @MikeJ, it may be that there is a conflicting hotkey with Windows, but if that’s the case then why did Alt-S work in previous versions and not in 2.5x? If it is the case then could you or anyone give me some tips on how to find out if this is the problem and possible how to deal with it?

It’s funny that you should say this, because this is EXACTLY how I am feeling with regard to the BMesh builds. Everyone else is able to get the knife tool and the bevel to work and I can’t get ANY of them to work. At all. In any of the most recent builds.

As to your specific shrink/fatten issue, I’m not really sure how to help. It sounds like the command is not even being recognized by Blender. Unless I am mistaken, there isn’t a menu alternative to invoking the command either. Perhaps try changing the hotkey? Do you know how to do this?

Go into your user preferences (Ctrl+Alt+U), click on the Input section, in the very top right-hand corner search box type in the word “fatten”. That should leave you with a single command and its hotkey right at the top of the window. Click the edit button and change the hotkey to be something else.

@MikeJ- Thank you for all your help. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a similar problem with the knife and bevel tools. It seems like there is always something that doesn’t work right.
While looking for a way to Shrink/fatten I actually come across the “along normals” option in the mesh tools window while in edit mode and it works for what I want to do, I’m happy that I at least have that, but it’s just a little awkward. And about changing the hotkeys, I am familiar with how to do that, but I’m lost as to what to change it to, Blender makes use of so many hotkeys I’m not sure what’s still available or what I can really do without in the 3D window, I’ll figure something out.
Again, Thank you for all of your help MikeJ and everyone else that had suggestions.

I had a similar problem recently. I made a file in 2.55 then when I tried to work on it later in 2.56 the S hotkey wouldnt display any changes. The object properties would show the scale changing but the object stayed the same size in the viewport.

I was able to work around that problem by appending the scene from that file into a new file. I would recommend the same for you in this case.

good luck

I was haveing the same problem just like you and everything and don’t know what the flaw is or anything but use ctrl+alt+s in edit mode and you are able to scale like you want to. I wasn’t dealing with mesh but rather bones and my bones weren’t scaleing right and was trying to alt+s like always but nothing was working but found another thread that said to use ctrl+alt+s in edit mode and sure enough it worked, problem solved