Alt+Scroll wheel rotate object?

Today I upgrade my 2.52.5 to mac Intel 64 bit 28243 from GraphicAll, there is no possible to rotate object with Alt + Scroll wheel.
Do you know why

Thanks in advance:)

AFAIK, in 2.49, you could:
1.) rotate the view with shift+alt+scroll wheel or control+alt+scroll wheel (windows-type keyboard)
2.) change the frame with alt+scroll wheel (works in 2.5)

I had missed that also, but it’s not really necessary. (works the same as numpad 4, 6, 8, 2.)
it will probably come back eventually :slight_smile:

In 2.5 you can reassign any key combination to any thing. Are you saying that you tried that, and it didn’t work? Or that the default behavior changed?

Thanks for reply. No I have not reassign my key combinations.
Anyhow, I upgrade my 2.50.5 to Intel 64 bit 28275 and my object rotate is back.