Alter Ego Myshu

Hello, I took a short break from Hitachimaru, the Emo Ninja, and started on another head for practice.

There are several issues with the mesh that basically make it a freakshow atm, so I won’t show any wires. In fact, the mesh is so badly composed that I am a little confused as to how to iron it out well enough to extrude a neck.

Does anyone know how to Bend text so that it matches the curves of a mesh? I would like to place some letters into a ring so they can go around on his ear piece device thing.

Edit: Is it too dark? How are the colors on your monitors?

Edit: I didn’t like this one so I removed it =)

not bad… i think his headphones need another level of subsurf on them…
the lighting is pretty boring, but at least the model is easy to see
I would also randomize the hair a little, it liiks to straight and orderly right now…
good luck man

Yup, lights are given me a problem. Any suggestions?

Yeah, you were right about the hair, I kept it straight because if I randomize it more it starts acting funny with the lights. Oh boy.

Thanks for comment.

If you want to do a circular warp, you can follow this:

There is a way to warp mesh to a curve using the Curve modifier. You’ll need to define the contour of the head in top view.

For the bending text, use Add a Text object, add some width and bevel. Then hit ALT+C to convert to curve followed by another ALT+C to convert to mesh. Now use AKEY, select all and WKEY to subdivide the resulting mesh 2 times so the warp looks smooth. Now apply a Curve modifier and use the contour you defined earlier. There might be a problem here and you might have to rotate the curve around Z-axis by 90 degrees.

Aight, I think I’m about finished with this one for the time being. Any comments or suggestions on lighting etc…?