Altered behavior as a result of this forum?

I’m saying this for sure, now I’m criticizing pieces found in the real world. We saw this big mural at the Lumberjack steakhouse this evening and I citicized it. I told my folks that the mix of blue ice and white in the glacier looked a little wierd and some clouds weren’t reflected in the lake. And I usually don’t criticize works in locales like that. I’m guessing that this forum caused me to start criticizing works pretty much everywhere I go now that i’ve seen countless criticisms of works here.

So has the forum altered your way of thinking and acting in real life, I know of ways you think because of blender but what about the forum itself?

I even judge trees and branches, don’t worry about it :stuck_out_tongue:

When you start drawing mesh topology on your friends’ faces, I think it might be time to take a break :slight_smile:

(Don’t laugh. Look around the net, people actually do it!)

That’d make a great costume, you put on a suit and mask with lines that look like polygons.

Would be very popular with super geeks.

I think it would pretty much just be insanely nerdy.

That kind of behavior can be discribed in two words: impulsive obsessiveness.
Like mentioned above, take a brake, Icoxo. :wink:
It’ll do you much good.
As for now, you look like a Blenderholic :confused:

Wait until you start wondering if the builders modelled or bump mapped the bricks

Originally posted by new neo:Wait until you start wondering if the builders modelled or bump mapped the bricks

lol. I find myself critisizing movies. Movies that I thought had amazing visual effects are now… less amazing.

But I still like them:D

THAT is something that happens a lot to me. I often find myself asking “How did they achieve that effect”, “What was the rendertime” or just saying “Well, actually that isn’t too hard to reproduce…”.
I guess that is just a side effect of the knowledge you gather here…
The same goes for Art in general, I now have a deeper understanding of the most basic principles of Art and therefore I often search for specific characteristics within the image…(like the arrangement of focal points or stuff like that).

But it’s rather limited to that field…otherwise I haven’t changed much since I have found Blender or this forum (well, I do know what to do with my free time now, if you want to count that, too).

That’s breaking the magic…
Once you know how the magic works, the magic is gone.
I once was fascinated by magic tricks, but now that I know how they work, they’re no more than clever tricks.