Altering the collision box (Ducking/rolling/sliding/etc))

I have a box with a shape key animation ( 2 frames). It also has bounds set to ‘convex hull’.

frame1- regular
frame2- ducking (squish/shorter)

I have an obstacle that requires the box to ‘duck’ to go past it, but there is a problem.

When I press the spacebar in-game, the box ‘ducks’. But the box’s collision shape is not ‘updated’ so it doesn’t go underneath the obstacle.

The Weird:
When I go to frame 2 BEFORE running the game engine, the ‘ducking’ collsion shape is taken charge of (Which means that when I don’t duck, the ‘regular’ position goes straight through the obstacle).

Is there a way to for the box to change its shape in-game and have its collision set as the new shape?


Duck_Test.blend (137 KB)

I don’t think you can use shape keys like that. Try ->this<- instead.

Hey this actually works perfectly!

But there’s one problem:
I plan on have a character armature be parented to the collsion box. This will make the armature (therefore the character mesh) inherit the scale of the box.

Is there another way around this problem. Maybe a way to keep the children from inheriting the the parent’s scale?