Altering the positions of many meshes at once

(Rhysy 2) #1

I’d like to be able to select a group of meshes and set their positions to the same x (or y or z, whatever) co-ordinate - I’d like to line them up, if I’m making any sense. Is there a quick way to do this ? If so how ? Or must I do it manually ?

(seval) #2

I understand the question but I am pretty sure the answer is no. You could seselect all the meshes at once and use the snap menu (Shift-S) to place all the meshes at the exact same point (Selected to Cursor). Or, if they are all the same object, you can duplivert them along a line. This is something to work on, with the code being available now. The snap menu should have more function … something like Selected to CursorX, CursorY or CursorZ.

(Rhysy 2) #3

Thanks ! In this case snaping to grid has done the trick nicely.

(JarellSmith) #4

When you say ‘group of meshes’ I assume you mean mesh objects, because moving all your mesh vertices to the same x- co-ordinate is easilly achieved by using a middle mouse button click to constrain the transformation to a single axis. This is explained in a message just a few posts down.

There is a great Python script called KlopUtils made by Klopes. You can find out more about it at the following links:

A quick example to align a group of mesh objects along the x-axis:
(Assuming you are using version 2)
1.) In top view, throw in a whole bunch of objects scattered all over the place.
2.) Select all of them !! Make sure that the object you wish to align to is the active object!! (last one selected and should be a lighter shade of pink)
3.) In KlopUtils make the following adjustments:

First change the top selection box to ‘Align’ (Alineacion in Spanish)

(In the central group of buttons left of ‘Align’)
Unpress [x],
Set [y] and set the box to the right of [y] to Origins (This assumes that you have set the origins of each object previously)
Below [y] Set seperation to ‘0.0’ (Note: Holding down Ctrl / Ctrl_Shift / Shift while you move your mouse on the slider will allow you to control how coarse or fine the adjustments are made to the number setting, or you can Ctrl_Left Mouse Click on the value to change it by typing the number in)
Press [Align]

Note: If you use version 1, you may need to rotate the 3D view slightly for the 3D Window to update… (This was fixed by Klopes in Version 2, and version 2 has more features - so be sure you download Version 2)

If you need any more help, just ask. Klopes does a very good job of explaining how to use the Python script by integrating the help into a blend file.

(seval) #5

Wow… I was just about to write something very similar. This is great.

(JarellSmith) #6

Yes, Klopes utils is probably the one Python script that I use the most.

Others include:

Kino’s rusty knife

and a few specialized ones like:

JMS’/cobalt’s Shell script
Justin’s gear script

Hopefully, they will restore the list of Python scripts that used to be at the Blender3D site - there’s lots of handy scripts that I’m sure I forgot to mention.

Also, it’s good to hear that Klopes is updating KlopUtils to work with 2.25 .
Thanks Klopes :smiley: