Alternate GUI

Hello all,

I’m thinking about making an alternate GUI for Blender, and adding some additional processing. The Blender system is a very powerful engine with many excellent plugins-- the only thing holding many users (myself included) is the sometimes overcomplicated and slightly cluttered UI. This is not a criticism of Blender alone-- I believe the same is true of Maya and a few other apps. My overall goal with the GUI is simplicity.

My strengths are design and organization, less so in scripting and compiling. Would appreciate some advise/help in these areas.

-simplify the GUI, making it very easy to navigate and easy on the eyes
-add volumetric rendering to its excellent plugin renderer, Yafray
-simplify the integration of the AI engine into the GUI for crowd simulation (now it is primarily scripted…would like to add menus into the GUI)
-rethink the IK implementation, texture, and edit engines to integrate with the new GUI
-edit its framestore to be able to apply its compositing nodes to texture channels, and use videos as textures
-add a more friendly and usable camera widget
-integrate many of the excellent plugins into one compiled installer package

So to start, I have several questions for Blender users;
-does anyone know how to essentially ‘strip’ the GUI, and reattach an alternate OpenGL GUI ?
-are their any previous threads on this site (or others) with ideas about an alternate GUI ?
-would anyone like to share throughts on an alternate GUI ?

I realize that many users really like the current GUI. This would just be an alternate version for other users.


The GUI is always being updated/upgraded and a team of professionals are always working on advances in this area.
If you search this forum for interface or GUI you will find many threads on related topics. I suggest you could read these to gain a little more insight.
There are also many great GUI related scripts (spacehandler scripts & others).
The trick with Blender is to find a workflow that suits you.
Not everyone feels the same way about the Blenders interface.
However, It is Blender’s interface and since we use Blender, the interface is what we work with. Once you become familiar with The GUI you will find much forward thinking has gone into the design of the interface.
I suppose technicaly what you suggest would be possible, but it would take many people a considerable amount of time to acheive.
At the end of the day you would have a new 3d app based on Blenders code, that would not be Blender. Also a complete new manual, help system and documentation would have to be done, because the new interface would not be compatable with the current documentation.
Then provided the code is managable, stable enough for release…
Team of maintainers…
The main complaint I hear from 3d artists when I encourage then to give Blender a go, is Blender’s “Dos style Interface”.
All 3d apps have very similar functions but different Menu Systems and Interfaces. I like 3dsmax and Blender. I dislike Maya, Cinema4d, Bryce,
Vue d’esprit. Many people would disagree.
Each program has evolved in it’s own way and each has it’s own interface style.
I’ll stop here.



thank you for your response. I’m definately not knocking the power of the GUI, or those involved in its development-- just interested in a few changes.

EDIT; I just downloaded 2.4.2a-- am checking it out now.

Would like to see the following changes;

  1. to be able to see the composite node controls on a larger screen
  2. to have savable screensets (not sure if that’s available yet…) to save alternate screen layouts for different tasks

Check out the ‘SR:’ menu at the top of the Blender window next to the main menu bar.

I work with multiple screens (moniters) is there any way to split Blender windows so I can have the 3D window on one screen and the other palettes, buttons and toolboxes on another?