Alternate Hybrid Compatible keymap for 2.93

I’ve made an alternate keymap for Blender for 2.93, a mix of Industry Compatible and Blender defaults.

The problem with Industry Compatible is that it changes too many keys, making it difficult to follow tutorials as those will tend to use defaults. This conflicts with the goal of making it newbie-friendly.

The aim of this Hybrid keymap is to strike a balance between the two, changing a few of the most frequent operations like ALT camera and QWER Select/Move/Rotate/Scale, but leaving everything else mostly default. This way you don’t have to retrain muscle memory as much AND tutorials still make sense.

You can get the latest version from this Right Click Select suggestion page.

I’ve also put it on gumroad (free) with all the versions in one place for convenience.

Most people here are probably used to Blender defaults so this may not be for you, but if you’re trying to convince Maya or 3dsmax users to switch to Blender this may help ease them into it…

Related: I did this talk for AnimX 2021 recently, explaining some of the quirks of Blender for people (specifically animators) coming from other software, which could maybe also help in that area.

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