Alternate modeling tecnuiqe?

Hi all, i was messing about with a modle, selecting vertices and extruding,tweaking and rotaing them, and makeing faxes with them, when i thought about an alternate modeling feature, wich ive seen elsewhere.
Is it possible to select faces by the actuall face and extrude, instead of collecting vertices and extruding?

Maybe its unclear?
If you go into blender,choose any model,F9 into edit buttons.On the far left choose wire as draws extra. In this mode is it possible to extrude the faces, sort of like wings(i think?)


On way you can select a face instead of vertices is in Face Mode:

Once in face mode hold cntl then just rightclick on the face (but not in edit mode!) then go into Edit Mode and extrude the face…I find more of a hassle though, especially when messing with high poly meshes

thanks :slight_smile:

yes it seems like a hassle, but when the model has a lot of vertices, i find it hard selecting the right one… :expressionless: so this would suit my purpose

If you find you have to many verts in your way, select a load of them that you’re not going to move or edit and hit H to hide them. Alt H will reveal them.


s***t, i havent been blending for very long, well not continually, but on occasion ive hit h by accident.This of course MAKING ME GO ABSOLUTLY BONKERS,THINKING ID JUST RUINED hours of work… :smiley: but apparently not :smiley:

i wouldnt be expecting to much from the blender modeler if i where you…

i wouldnt be expecting to much from the blender modeler if i where you…

sure you shouldn’t…
even if you can do whatever you want with it, you shouldn’t…

Though i’m not against face selection, edge seelction etc…


i wouldnt be expecting to much from the blender modeler if i where you…

Hm… im not shure i understand? As for my own, scarse knowledge of modeling, i think the modeling options in blender are pretty good, and most of all very intuitive, (when you get the hang of the blender interface that is).
I guess if i used maya as much, it would come as natural … any thoughts?
Read another post here, claiming lightwave would be the best transition prgram if one wants to change into some commercial 3d software, any thoughts on this?


Don’t listen to him kid. When you know how to use it, Blender is THE choice for modeling. I guess some people get exited about studiomax because it has a button to make a teapot primitave.

You pick the object to model and the software and chances are I will have it modeled in Blender faster and with more finese. I have Maya, Max, Lightwave and Softimage here and when I model, I start with Blender!