Alternate time.....Alternate tech

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Just try to think what would have happened if gravitational constant G were the double of what it is…


(Green) #22

my chair would need twice as much padding

(S68) #23


and stars would burn their fuel much quickier, and words with affordable climates woud be drammatically smaller, both because stars will be smaller and worlds too would be smaller, but life size couldn’t be much smaller, because atoms would be as big as now, so maybe life would still evolve but would be much different :slight_smile:


(rwv01) #24

What about the multi-armed creatures in H.G.G. who invented
aerosol deoderant before the wheel?

As for the environment issue,
If it’ possible to look at our predicament objectivly, it stands to reason that if we evolved in a world that shaped us to be commpetitive, oportunistic, and concerned our own interests before all else, It should be no supprise that we’er now having such a hard time accepting that these attitudes, which have served us as a speces so well in the past, and which put us in our present dominant position in nature, will now have to be tempered with reason (if we can do it) in order to keep our own success from becomming the biggest challenge to our survival yet!

(Nahtanoj) #25

As for the multi armed creatures necessity is the mother of invention :smiley:

(slikdigit) #26

to green:

what about more basic ‘technologies’: like language, writing, monetary exchange, religion etc.
what if we never invented the nation state? or democracy? what if we always had absolutists dictatorships?

hmm. I guess I understand your confusion (you’re giving me very little to go on though)
my point in this sentence wasn’t to do with ‘has been invented’ vs. hasn’t- indeed, all my examples ‘exist’ if only in the negative sense- and I do go on to say that, specifically:

So read history. read the news. talk to that person from another country. pay a visit to the local comune- or attend a small business convention. You’ll soon start noticing that people are living ‘alternate realities’ all the time, that they use language differently, that many cannot read or write, and that some of them are totally indifferent/alien to the concept of religion

my first sentence merely was trying to make the point that ‘technology’ need not be confined to a concept such as chairs or computers, but can be used to describe other adaptations that are in a sense ‘extra-biological’, and some of these affect us more profoundly than others. the nation state is a technology in a sense, and its affect on us is more profound than, say, the pentium 4.
Again, I think you’re just disagreeing for the sake of it.

(Nayman) #27

Basically, if we fins an alien civilization, and their physicality is similar to ours (bipedal, 4-10 feet tall, hands, feet, opposible thumbs on one set only, 5 senses)., it stands to reason their technology would develop in a similar way. Perhaps they would be more or less advanced than us… but at some point, they were the same

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Again, I think you’re just disagreeing for the sake of it.

I disagree with that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I disagree with that

And I like Smelly brown monkeys, smothered with the smooth peanut butter of desire, and dunked in roundels or chunky justice ingots.
In other words:
taking the road less smelled leaves us wafting with urchin delight. We poke, we prod, we engulf phagocytes and tiny writing desks whole.
whichever option you choose just remember: my monkey is smellier than yours.

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uhhhm… oooooookie

/me backs away slowly

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/me takes out a pack of suits with sleaves that tie together at the front.

Don’t panic, there will be one for each and everyone of you :stuck_out_tongue:


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You expected sanity? -woah: semi simultaenous post

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Ah, here’s a good post to throw time travel into.

What if somebody got a time machine, set it to 2576, got their technology, and took it back to 1734? What would happen to the timeline? Would it screw up? Where would the technology come from?

I was thinking about time travel one day, and thought that if someone was able to go into the past, they couldn’t change it. But wouldn’t their very presence be changing it? It would increase the population a little. It would leave a memory of them in somebody’s mind. The only ways that this “never able to change the past” thing could work: As soon as you’re in someone’s view, you disappear back to your time, or disappear altogether; or you’d already be in the history books.

Then, if we COULD change time (suppose that time travel model was faulty and we found a new one), then we’re on the same pages. Well, suppose someone went back to the time of Shakespeare and gave him a play? Suppose it was called “Romeo & Juliet.” Then we have a paraodx: The play seems to have come out of nowhere. It has just appeared, so technically, Shakespeare’s most famous play doesn’t exist.

Then, suppose someone went back in time and shot someone at random. What if it was his father? What would happen? If the father dies, the traveler isn’t born, but if he wasn’t born, then the father didn’t die, and the traveler was born, but if the traveler was born then the father died, but if the father… well, you get the picture.

But what if we traveled to the future? Then would we bring back some kind of cure for diabetes, or would it disappear as soon as we got there? If it didn’t, and we analyzed the cure, and started mass production of it, then we’re back to the “Romeo & Juliet” paradox. It wasn’t really discovered!

Back to the past. If we did do something in the past (i.e. presented a cure for polio), what would happen to our timeline? Would it be altered? Oh, gosh, I think I’ve got a headache.

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that topic has been through enough. lets not beat it to a zombie…

(theeth) #35

lets not beat a dead monkey errrr, subject :wink:

/me runs around in circle


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yes, these monkeys are starting to smell. I can’t stop pressing the ‘add monkey button’ and now I’m up to my ears in low poly monkey heads.
lets all go and explore our alternate realities on our own.
random monkey talkin’ dude.

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Hello!!! :smiley:

First of all, I think that G constant is not a constant. At least not the way you think it is. It has a different value in earth (G=9.81 m/sec^2, I think), than it has on an other planet. G in fact gives you a measure of the acceleration that an object gets due to the influence of gravity, if you let it fall. :o

So don’t worry about stars burning fuel and the rest, because since stars have stronger gravity than earth’s they do have bigger G values than Earth’s G constant. Stars are burning their fuels as fast as they should be…:smiley:

I think the question should be, what would life like, if the gravity on Earth, was the double.

Well, I don’t know. Perhaps we would grow stronger bones and muscles, to overwhelm the extra weight. Or if gravity was too strong, we would look flat with low height, like crabs for example!!! :frowning:

But if these “crabs” had an appropriate brain, they would be able to reinvent their “wheel” and build a civilization.

Maybe slightly different, but surely with the same goal as ours:

To evolve and expand…


(acasto) #38

You are reffering to the acceleration of gravity, not the gravitational constant, which is actually the force of interaction. The constant of gravity is 6.67 x 10^-11 Nm^2kg^-2

So if G was to change, it would affect all objects.

(Timonides) #39

OOOp’s!!! :-?

Sorry. You are right acasto!!! :wink:

Start worrying about stars burning fuel faster!!! :frowning:

(Timonides) #40

But still…

Does my “crab” theory resemble what you had in mind from the beginning?

If gravity acceleration had a higher value, then things could be like this.

Does this satisfy you? :wink: