Alternation Blender's Z up AXIS

Hi, I am Blender newbie, moving from maya, when I start modelling I am very irritating with Z up axis. Is is possible to change maya’s Y up axis. I know Max has similar z up axis but when I change from front view it shows y up axis.
Can I change Z up axis.:eek: plz help me.
thanks for understanding…:evilgrin:

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It does no good to complain about this, unfortunately. There’s no way to change it either. Blender suffers from multiple personality disorder regarding its Z-axis. You’ll eventually learn that the default orientation for a bone (in an armature) is Y up and the compositor has the Z-axis oriented properly (in/out from the screen-plane). It makes no sense, I know. People will present their arguments as to why it’s okay for Z to be up, and they almost always cite 3DS Max as another example (but I see this as a classic case of two wrongs not making a right).

I’ve seen about a dozen attempts on this forum to have a sane discussion regarding this, but for this particular situation, tradition beats standards compliance. If Blender is ever to be adopted by Hollywood, this will have to change.

The best thing to do, if you intend to continue learning Blender is pick one or more things from this list and stick to it:

  • do nothing but rigging,
  • do nothing but compositing, or
  • figure out a way to make peace with it.

You’ll get flamed far less and your stress level will diminish. You will get used to it eventually.

I speak from experience.

And anyone thinking of flaming me about this post: I’ve heard it all. Save your strength for modeling, please.

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sorry, no offence, I have learned blender’s basic tool for 2 month, now I was starting character modelling in blender,
Here is my Problem,
before starting modelling, I switch to select with left instead of RMB.
I am annoying to select vertex by clicking LMB when I select vertex closely, so I use border select tool.
Rotate problem when I work in front ortho view, only for Z axis, I am very irritating with edge/vertex rotating with gizmo rotate tool. also pressing r sometimes more irritating.
That’s why I ask to change Z up axis. this make me feel comfortable with my previous character modelling experience.
Any positive help will be appreciated. thanks for understanding.

Yup, I understand you frustration with the direction of the z-axis. There is no way to change it. There never has been. It’s highly unlikely there ever will be. You’ll simply have to adjust your thinking to match Blender’s paradigm.

Sorry, dude. That’s just the way things work in the Blender community. If you’re asking for a fundamental change to the way Blender works, you will be ignored, no matter how much sense you make.

Shortest form? I dont think they can change it. It has to do with the maths deep inside that make several other things work.

@star Ranger4 I know about Blender UI via some good research on goggle . Over one week, I try to overcome this situation, but still frustrated, I like blender for some cool modelling feature. Using blender’s Maya preset good idea, but problem happens only for Z up axis, and blender has well customization interface like any software, sorry about it. thanks.

Actually, it’s not that it can’t be changed, but rather that the amount of effort makes it seem not worth the trouble. Seriously, there’s no such thing as “it can’t be done” when it comes to rewriting code.

Look at the interface design; it took about–what?–two years to complete? It was deemed worth it by the development team for various reasons even though a number of long-time users thought it was a complete waste of time.

At this point, I don’t think anyone has ever really looked into this from a coding point of view to see just how big/small a job it would be. If they have, the results were never made public (if anyone knows differently, please jump in; I’d be curious to read about it).