Alternative choice for VirtualDub?


Is there alternative choice for VirtualDub? Im using linux and VirtualDub is only for windows. I have made few test anim renders and id like to render those in png and compress those png sequences to DivX or something like that.
I didnt find any answers in this forum or googling, (yeah, i suck where it comes to searching in internet.)

Some specs:
Im using kubuntu with my P4 2.8ghz machine.
i have used linux about 1½ months so Im kind of newbie.

You can try using Transcode. It will do what you want. Transcode is done by command line and can be pretty scary, but if you do a search for Transcode on I’m sure you’ll find some GUIs applications for it, since I know they exist.

Cinelerra…but be warned, Cinelerra is much closer to a professional editing package and requires quite a bit of horse power to run.

Think of it as poor man’s Premiere or FC Express

Yeah, Cinelerra is a scary app. But so is doing command line stuff with Transcode :).

Oooo, Cinelerra does H.264 now? Spiffy. Maybe I won’t need to buy Quicktime :).

maybe you can consider using :smiley: