Alternative RenderMan Integration with Blender

For those of you who hope that I have got a solution …must say sorry, no I haven’t.
But I have tip or alternative way idea how to connect Blender and RenderMan.
Software called k3D (everyone knows him) has excellent in-built support of RenderMan.
I got thought how can be possible to export scene from Blender (only animated mesh, lights and cameras) to k3D and there you can directly and clearly connect all shaders to surfaces and lights, choose a RenderMan Rendering Engine (Pixie, Aqsis, PRman, 3D light, Air, and whatever you want…) and render it.
Similair solution of Rendering pipeline is using by Pixar - Modeling and Animating in one application( Marionette - - - Blender) and then Rendering in the other one (Maya — k3D and render with Pixar RenderMan — Pixie, Aqsis…)
Blender boast its Exporting and Importing capabilities. So why not. Guys from Blender Development Team are planning to Finish Rendering Pipeline and write RenderMan Integration to Blender in 2.5. But I cannot wait so long to (I hope) November ( God knows).
This forum has to be appeal for you developers who have the knowledges and writing this export script (from blender to k3D) take you no more than two months I guess…

I want to bump this, you got a good point, and k3D might be a little out of the ways but hey it has full renderman support. Think of it as an external rendering application. Definately, I don’t know python, but some of you guys do, any one up for the challenge?

if you were to export and animated .obj? hmmmm, I’m going to do some tests.

Hi, yeah animated .obj is perfect solution, try it and we will see.
Good luck;)