Alternative Skin

So I wanted to test out the skin modifier to see how fast I could create a base mesh.
I think I got a little carried away:

Disclaimer: I used LOTS of photoshop overpaint. You can see the process gif here:

And here’s a screenshot from blender:

Tell me what you think. ^^

wow, that kicks ass… awesome pose and texture painting! would love to hear more abou this character :wink:

Man that looks brilliant. Timelapse, .blend or even some kind of a tutorial would be cool.

Thanks guys! Unfortunately, I didn’t timelapse the thing, but aside from the behance link in the original post, you can take a look at the .blend and .psd.

Here you go:


great! love it! = )

I think 5*

And you offer the blend file and psd to study.

Thx. O_o

Wonderful work. Very generous of you to share… thank you.

very cool man, any specific tutorial you followed?

Thank you so much, guys! :smiley: And no, apart from just checking out how the skin modifier works, I didn’t follow any tutorials. Cheers!

I like your style and colours.
keep going.

Thanks!!! ^^

Awesome style !
5 stars and congrats :smiley:

Thank you so much :smiley: