Alternative to default Interface

Hey guys, this is the default blend that I use, Main feature is the headers are always on top (even if you change window type) with a few exceptions, but I have modified all the screens to my taste and added one additional screen “Draw” let me know what you think.


Call me old school but I named the file B.blend just cuz I can :slight_smile:


I always customise my layout to a manual quad view - (the default quad view you can’t alter the inidividual settings per view), I shift the Properties to the left and like you Headers at the top - never understood why the default layout seems to favour left-handed users, esp the left-mouse-select. Although I’m starting to think I should start filipping between the views as I hate having to scroll the Tool Panel so much.

Guess that’s its one of the reasons why blender 2.5+ rocks, it’s such a customisable interface. :wink:

You can turn off the locked quad view in the properties panel under display, lets you adjust each view independently.
Unless you meant the shader modes?

Made some small changes to the blend

You can always re-organize the windows by changing the numbers in-front of the name.