Alternative to exclude layers yet in 2.8?

Hi all. I know this wasn’t possible early on in 2.8’s roadmap but seems like things have moved on a lot recently with the builds and wondered if anyone had found an alternative to 2.79’s exclude layers? In Cycles or eevee.


I know the compositor can help on some things, but struggled to find an easy alternative to this. Hiding collections from render layers won’t allow for their effect on the scene to still be present in renders which seems a lot more complicated to try and replicate in the compositor.

Any ideas greatly appreciated!!

Check out the new Restriction Toggles section for the outliner.
The rightmost button is ‘only indirect’, which should be exactly what you’re looking for.

When I tested it it worked with Cycles; masking and indirect collections are still not implemented in Eevee though (anyone correct me if I’m wrong). All functions of the 2.79 layer system should be back for Cycles by now.