Alternative to Marvelous Designer?

Hi all,

I have a fashion student who is interested in some digital fabric / pattern design.
Marvelous Designer looks amazing just a little too expensive.

Does anybody have a similar well working app or process?

I was searching for the same thing a while ago for some architectural renders, but couldn’t find anything :frowning:

Blender could be used as an alternative, but for very simple things (like sheets, curtains, or simple dresses) and using a lot of hooks and constraints… And it takes too much time to get just acceptable results.

I have tried to find a decent alternative for ages but it doesn’t seem to exist unfortunately.

didnt photoshop and gimp and paintshop pro all had tools to tile-ize images ?.
perhaps with some strange unwrapping one could create an area that mirrors / expands itself all the same face cordinates in uvunwrap, …

uh no sorry now i see, that app is a lot more then just texturing wow just found a link

Yep that app is the killer!

would be very welcome and addons with those feature right now i’m working on 3d garment design for presentation and approval

optitex is a more advance and feature complete similar to marvelous design

home page :

how much does the optitex thing cost?
only getting forwarded to stores which don´t have the costs outlined…

Optitex seems nice but it looks to be really slow while simulating.

I am dealing with a student not a fashion studio that has the money to shell out for a software lol.

Last time I looked up for a client a fabric stitching software - projects patterns over upholstery.
The price was 7k and my client just said uh thats cheap but we dont do this enough to justify.

It would be nice to have some of that functionality in Blender; not the whole fashion approach workflow, but things like how the mesh is triangulated and subdivided automatically by changing a resolution slider, or being able to “grab” the mesh and move it in realtime (which I think it could be possible using hooks and vertex groups)… maybe using dynamic paint…? And of course the speed of the simulation, right now it gets really slow trying to get something decent with a fairly dense mesh.

Optitex is expensive, 10k from what I have seen mentioned on Poser and DAZ forums. It would be great to have an “Open Designer” to complement Makehuman.

so true but I hardly doubt that would happen. But if Blender could develop such an add-on omg that would be a killer!

Hi. You might be interested in Project Valentina

It's a free and open source pattern design software for clothing. Unfortunately, as for the current version (0.3.1) , it does not support 3D, but according to their roadmap, it will be added in 0.5.0 .

Slightly off-topic, but as a teacher maybe you should teach your students to understand that software has value and that they need to look at it as an investment. Specialized software like this has small markets and therefore needs to be “expensive” just to cover development cost alone - that’s why there isn’t a cheaper alternative.

Marvellous Designer costs only 550$ for a perpetual license, which is a very low amount amortized over the time of a fashion education. You’d likely be spending much more on fabric alone, now think about how much fabric you could save for yourself by using this software.

Somebody implemented basic sewing features into the cloth sim a while ago: Youtube Video

Nobody in their right mind would create a remotely competitive product to Marvellous Designer and give it away as FOSS software. Even dealing with Blender’s C code to give you guys half-baked cloth sewing features seems like a terrible use of time, but that’s just me being a curmudgeon.

According to their drscription:
Valentina is an open source pattern drafting software tool, designed to be the foundation of a new stack of open source tools to remake the garment industry.

Small-batch and custom-sized clothing manufacturing is essential to create a sustainable future, preserve small- to medium-sized textile spinning and weaving manufacturers, enable independent and small designers and manufacturers to scale up to make a decent living, rebuild local garment districts, and reduce or eliminate slave labor.

 Probably someday this little open source project will evolve enough to compete...

Even a way to generate the Delaunay triangle pattern in Blender would be a big step in the right direction.

This was a great addition, but still what we need for the cloth simulation in Blender (before adding any new feature) is a speed improvement. It is incredibly slow right now.

And this :smiley:

I have code that does Delaunay triangulation as part of my vector importer plugin. Would you like to see it pulled out as a separate operator? It is interesting mostly in the case of regions with holes in them, which you don’t really get with stuff already in Blender, so not clear to me what the way around that would be.

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