Alternative to uv?

Is it possible to get textures to wrap correctly to an object w/o having to UV them? I am not talking about stuff like a whole human head… I am talking about stuff like… a building for example… when i wrap my textures on it they wrap wrong… and on one face of the object in a certain direction the texture wraps right while in the other it stretches… ex:

Just wondering if the usual
map inputs will suffice for this… i am mainly talking about structure modeling.
plan on making a building and posting it here when its near completion

Well, I’ve used tileable images in the texture channels set to repeat, and used the scale buttons to determine how large the texture is when rendered - also, you can use the ‘T’ button to scale/move the texture space visually in the viewport.

It’s easy enough to use procedurals or images and just set them as different materials on vertex groups, that way you can combine 10 textures per material, and use several vert groups to get complicated really quickly :slight_smile:

You can also use an empty in the “Object” catagory under Map To:, and move the empty about to get the textures in the right places.

(BTW, why don’t you want to UV? It’s really not that hard, and once done, it makes life simpler in the long run. Especially for something like buildings, with rectilinear edges and such.)