altimate cell shaded 2.43 GE constraints demo

must have 2.43 preview 7

Demo ->

video ->

Appolonius. This is realy cool.
I am confused. How you have achived the cell shading?

hehe its actualy really easy…
I double the mesh make it a bit bigger then the original, flip normals inside, make the color black… also having no lamps helps a bit so the colors look more “clean”

I worship your Demos, Appolonius, They are The BOMB. in other words…They are awsome!

That’s brilliant! (BTW, I gave the YouTube one 5 stars:D)

I already knew the cell shade trick, but this is the first chance I’ve had to look at the new constraints integration. Your demos really bring out the potential. I especially liked the chairs in this one. Keep it up.

Wow you rock. Do you have any tutorials? Even if it is just a text list I want to see them =p

that demo is really exciting!

Edit: also, is it just me or is the physics engine faster now?

Tutorials… theres not really much for tutorials… as far as getting the constraints to work… i just hit buttons till it works… sometimes i find a lot of cool stuff by just hitting buttons. I will see about making a constraints tutorial when i actualy figure out how they really work lol.