Aluminium shader wip

I’v been working on an aluminium shader today. This is what i came up with.
It is only the beginnig and needs a lot of adds and fixes, but i have already sick of modifying it, so if you want to help me by making this shader better, please do.
Here is my shader.


Very nice! I especially like the lathe marks. It looks very realistic.

I think this result is a bit better, but the second cylinder looks really sucks.
Anyway, I hope for some feedback…


Thanks, xarton!
I am really glad you liked it :slight_smile:

The texture is cool…Nice light set up…Need alot of work…ALOT.

I mean what is it…

Do we call you the Artist Formerly known as Three Dots?

Three Dots?? O_o
Well, you can call me that if you wish so :smiley:
Anyway, thanks for your comments.
I am really waiting for some suggestions about the shader.

you need to render with higher AO sample level, its too tricky to figure out what is detail, and what is AO noise :wink:

Well, those low-detailed images are only for a reference.
Here is the .blend file to get the better idea of the shader.
btw, the second image has no AO enabled. the shader looks better, but specularity sucks.

I’m no expert on shaders but I do remember lathed ali rods tended to be rather shiny and reflective. Also, perkaps the second one didn’t come out as well as you’d like because it is overlit? That’s just me though, I’m still a total newbie with Blender and 3D.

I like your name … funny
nice shader I dont think you need so many textures to get the look your renders have. also adjust the nor value and var value to fine tune your tex. keep at it looks good.

Nice shader project. Thanks for the BLEND file. I am adding it to my collection.


I have been trying to do this kind of texture so many times! Looks great!