Hi there,

I’m currently working on an animation of some medical stuff concerning the Lungs. What I’m doing is something about what happens on a cellular level when you smoke or inhale other hazardous particles (which is kinda strange as I’m a smoker myself %| )

This is the look I’m going to use for the alveoli (what’s the plural of alveolus?), comments welcome (as always).
The first attempt. Although I liked the look I found it a little too bright and shiny. It also doesn’t convey the REM-style I am aiming for. I still think about making a wallpaper of this one, as it has a certain beauty to it.
Ambient Occlusion and Hemi-Lights. I dropped the ramp-shaders because I couldn’t achieve anything decent with them. I think this is how it’s going to be.



I think the style is good, but the “hole” in the middle of the lungs or whatever they are, it looks somehow too smooth and doesn’t fit.
The particle and the cells fit well together. :stuck_out_tongue: Especially the hazardous particles are looking good.

I added a macrophage and recolored the Type-II cells (the pointy ones). The lights and AO are a little brighter as well.

The references I used showed these uniform holes, so I guess I’ll stick with them.

isnt there supposed to be lots of wall type things to increase the surface area, u know, they get damaged when u cough

looks nice m8

Looks a lot like some onion cells we were looking at in biology today :wink:

Looks good, but the white background makes it have the look of a model and not the inside of someone.