Always Crashes on Render

Here are some basic specs of my computer, I don’t have any problems running Crysis or Crysis 2 or any other game at max settings…I can even render extremely textured things in Cinema 4D.

3.8 GHz 6-core Phenom II
2GB GDDR5 ATI Radeon HD 5xxx
120Gb SSD(only with OS on it)
1.5TB HDD(for data and temp)
Windows 8 Pro x64

I can usually use Blender just fine, and I can render images. But whenever I go to render an animation no matter what the file format is Blender crashes on me. Why is this/ why could this be? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Oh I also forgot to mention I am using Blender 2.65

Error messages/logs.?
Using latest graphics drivers ?
Blender Internal or Cycles renderer ?
Tried latest blender build ?
Attach or link to a blend file that when pressing the Animation button crashes for you

I don’t get any error messages it just crashes. Where would I find the log file to provide?
yes using latest graphics drivers, AMD Catalyst 13.1.
I’m not sure what you mean by blender internal or Cycles so it’s probably blender Internal.

It seems I made an error about my graphics card. It’s the AMD Radeon 6900 series if it makes any difference

Here is my blend file:

I don’t understand why it keeps crashing, there’s plenty of RAM space left and there’s no reason for it to fail