always get blocky fire

hi. I am doing a quite complex fire simulation. the mesh emitting the fire is moving and it is quite complex.

The problem is that, no matter the resolution of the domain when I activate the hires I get blocky fire around the emitter.
I have the smooth emitter option, I tried foolish high subdivion values, FFT, wavelet, different strength but the edges are always blocky…

here you can see what is going on. Now the domain res is quite low, but I tried also with 250, and the blocks are just smaller, but really visible.

any ideas?


noone can help me?.. I could really use some help! With a resolution of 330 the blocks are still there, just smaller. They come when I use the high res, but I think this is quite unavoidable to obtain decent results.

Also, Whem I use higher domain resolutions I lose the nice well defined fire leashes. Everything become quite caotic and confused.

I am running short of ideas here…

Thanks in advance for any help.