Always Recycle!

Hey guys, this is my first Blender Animation ever… It actually took 6 months of spare evenings, (A long time for such a small animation, i know), and I am glad it’s done! It is a short clip promoting recycling, and I know that it is not the best quality, although my computer couldn’t handle much more. (30 hours to Render it all!) It does also have sounds.

Thanks to anyone who helped me along the way! I was very reliant on this website… Criticism welcome!

why does he live on the moon?

Chances are that the Earth has too much junk on the surface. Also the arms aren’t really posed like that when you start walking. Also what is the red thing on his wrist.

lol ya, I know its not great, it is only my first animation. The reason its on the moon, was, like Shadow said, because I had a deadline to meet and I couldn’t really animate anything harder at that time… also, it was meant to look like the desert, not the moon, but I guess I didn’t light it up enough to be the desert, and I didn’t know about that desert texture I could add when I was making it. Those red things on his wrists, they were annoying me too… I think they are the leftovers of a wrap modifier, when I tried to make clothing that way… (didn’t work)… And those are the bits I forgot to delete as they were in his wrists in edit mode.

Anyway, thanks for the criticisms, I will work on that walking part of the animation!