Always visible map labels?

I’m not sure this is possible in Blender. But given Blender’s powerful features I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m making a three-dimensional star map. It will be implemented as a Blender game. The user will be able to rotate the map around any axis.

Each star in the map needs to have a little text label floating next to it. The text label has to be “normal” to the camera (at 90 degrees), regardless of how the camera moves. In other words, no matter how the user rotates the map, the labels will be readable.

I was wondering if planes with labels texture mapped could have a constraint added so they would rotate in synch with the camera. Or if label-sized spheres could have some kind of dynamic sticky mapping. Or if anybody had a better suggestion.

Select them all then Shft -select the Camera and Ctrl-C >> Rotation to get them to face the camera. Deselect the Camera, Shft-Select one plane to make it active, add a Copy Rotation constraint to it with the Camera as Target then Ctrl-C >> Object Constraints.


Thanks! I’ll give it a go.