AlyPaly: my first robot. needs more hairs!

this is my first experiment with cycles.

i have worked on different aspects at once, as i am just an amateur with just later afternoons i have no great expectations of creating such a huge render, but i love blender and i’d like to improve my skills.

at this stage since cycles has no hair support i had to swap in compositing mode (for the first time) but i do need heavy suggestions on hairs, which heavily get un-realistic :frowning:

any other suggestions will be highly appreciated.
as said above, be kind, as i am a noob!!![



wowowow what a great metal material can you post node plis. Is it a HDR map or just the material and lamps?

Generaly the hand is a bit slim for me maybe because of the camera angle.

the metal material hasn’t been a great deal to me since is mostly thanx to cycles… :frowning:
there are few changes but nothing so relevant!

i mostly look for some hints about hairs and other aspects :slight_smile: