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Hi everyone!

I got a bit tired of modelling lately, and decided to try some rendering and compositing instead. So i took one of my old models, and tried a new approach, which was compositing shadow onto a background, lighting the scene it with an HDRI, and so on.
I’m not really happy about the result, and there are two reasons for that. Firstly (which hurts me the most, cause I never noticed it at the beginning), background (which purely is that very HDRI I used for lighting), even in foreground (does that make any sense?!) is blurry. Secondly, I was defeated by the easiest material in this model, that is the tyre rubber.

So, I decided to post it here anyway, hoping you could help me finding other issues in this render, or help solving the ones I already noticed, and learn something before I give it another shot (and I’m planning to do that).



Thanks for reply Andrew.

  1. True, rendering with only an HDRI as background doesn’t seem to be a good idea to me anymore. Even if I disagree about compositing shadow part of your comment (cause you’re not really projecting the rendered shadow on any sphere, you’re compositing it with a rendered background, which doesn’t have spherical distortion, and even if HDRI’s are spheres, which as far as I’m concerned they are, they just serve as a background, surrounding and lighting objects in the scene, nothing is, or can be, put or projected on them). I tried other textures as background, even very high res, and it seems, that the best effects can be achieved when you actually model the environment around your model, or at least part of it (as in that mercedes render you posted - I believe the author modelled the road and the curb, maybe some grass, and the rest of it is a background photo). That’s what I’m intending to do (I’ve already done some test renders, and they’re looking waaay better in my opinion). And I’ll probably still use that (or other) HDRI for lighting the scene, and maybe for the sky.

  2. Yeah, can’t agree more! I should have done some research myself, and do some test, but I guess I was too lazy/or convinced about my material being at least proper. Thanks for the links, I’ll give my tires a new life, after I finish my car’s surroundings.


Good work.
Maybe better to use an other background image i think.