Am a asking for too much? (questions about Blender Python API)

I’m new to the blender python API, and I can’t find a way to do several things that, it seems to me, would be very useful to do. Does anyone know whether any of these possible with the existing API?

  • Change the window type of an existing window.

  • Resize, split, merge windows.

  • Create a new screen. I see Window.GetScreens() and Window.SetScreen(). Is there no way to create a new screen and populate it with windows of my choosing?

My suspicion is that these don’t exist because letting a script modify the user’s choices for window placement could be considered intrusive. It seems that creating a new Screen would be a good way to avoid this, since it would leave the user’s existing windows alone.

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I’m not entirely sure of the specifics, but i do believe that blender 2.5 (still under construction [builds can be obtained at]) will include some of these features (the overlaying window.)

To split windows, simply right-click along the border of the 3d window and select split window. Left-click in the 3d window to split the window.

@pwiggi, your right the answer is no to all of these, in 2.5 it may be possible but not sure on this yet.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I actually meant I was looking for a way to do these tasks from the blender python API, i.e. from a script. I’m already fairly comfortable with Blender from an end-user perspective. Thanks anyway though!


Oh well. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.