Am about to give up, Can't get rid of these Ambient Occlusion artifacts

Here are some images.

Link to blender file:

I don’t know what to do. Nothing makes sense here.

You sculpted your pants, then remeshed them with an algorithm that produces poles. After you unwrapped you mesh correctly, you used some addon like UVSquares to conform it to a grid, but your topology isn’t a grid, you have a few poles. The whiter squares are stacked faces that are baking twice to the same coordinates.

The solution is to re-unwrap your mesh and simply not use whatever addon you used to try to fit a round peg into a square hole :wink:.

Bakes fine when UV map is not broken:

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WOW, the one thing I did not think of. You are right, I redid the UV map by marking a seam to the backside and it worked. Thanks man, I was ripping my hair out on this one. You literally saved a life man, MVP of hour. (I also disabled the render cam in the hierarchy for everything that is not my targeted bake)

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