am confused im wondering if i can get sum help?

ok heres my situation elysiun , ok i got a text from my real father the other day saying he misses me and wants too see me and all i av to do is txt bak yes or no if i want to talk or not but the thing is he abandond me and my family when i was 2 im really confused, can any1 give sum help or advice?

“can any1 give sum help or advice?”

Yes, I advise that you learn the English language.

Be cautious, I don’t know how old you are but if you’re younger than 21 I would say don’t agree to meet him alone.

@Valarking: you insensitive a** hole

Oh my god, I’m soooooo sorry.
Don’t get your panties in a twist.

Asking for help on important life issues from complete strangers you don’t know is one of the most idiotic things imaginable.

If we–being impersonal arseclown strangers–are the only people in your life that you get really good advice on something like this I feel really bad for you.

Vulcankid is right.

(totally off-topic here but when you’ve got a full keyboard in front of you it is generally considered good netiquette to use said keyboard, rather than tlak like you are “txtng” someone, just a side note :wink: )

Oh my god, I’m soooooo sorry.
Don’t get your panties in a twist.

Asking for help on important life issues from complete strangers you don’t know is one of the most idiotic things imaginable.[/quote]

Your lack of sensitivity amazes me. What is wrong with getting as much advice as you can before you make a big decision? Is calling radio talk shows and talking to complete strangers there any different? If you don’t intend to help by offering some advice … then why post at all?

grimreaper: Valarking does have one good point. You must take any advice you get with a grain of salt. You have to make your own decision here. For my two cents, you might consider that he is making an effort to contact you. This will be hard for you … since your history with him is not so good. But if you decide to not talk to him … you may someday regret it. He knows he has alot to answer for, and I’m sure he has considered that when he contacted you. You might want to give him a chance. You can always back off if things don’t go well.

Remember to take this advice with a grain of salt. You have to make the decision. Hope this helps you do so.


Since I was writing this, another comment was posted. Obviously my opinion is not the consensus here. Sorry if I have done grimreaper any injustice. Perhaps you have a family member you could talk to?

talk to your mom

Use a free email address and write a couple of letters back and forth, to see how he feels and to see if you are up to the task of letting someone back in you life.

And learn to type, too.

If it were me, I would never put my trust in someone who would create a family and leave them at such a crucial point.

There so many factors though, than online buddies cannot even approach giving useful advice. For example, we don’t know why he left, who he is, whether he’s changed, whether you are ready, whether you family is ready, etc.

It’s up to you and others that it concerns.

How did he get your number?


I second those notion. :wink:


My mom would have never had me talk to my dad again in my life - you’re just assuming he has a perfect mother.

It’s obvious that some young ppl here have a real lack of upbringing and I can’t say even that it makes me worried about who these individuals turn out (and I’m NOT talking about the threadstarter). There’s millions of dorks like that around and they’ll never make any signigicant difference whatsoever…

That said, and as far as the question, I wish I could add something else than ; maybe you should talk to your parents about it …

These things are very sensitive ofcourse, for all parties… it might even hurt your parents if you don’t talk to them first… So take it easy and do anything impulsive… Think off all options and take your time and don’t let anyone push you into anything…


i can see that you dont want advice`s when you are confused :-? .
What is wrong with you valarking? :expressionless:

valarking: if u nvr had n e thing possotive to type why did u bother? i av bin in a recent accident and av lost the abillity to use my right shoulder so im tring to keep my writing down bcz is takin a while to type things. and about ur other posts i dont find these people strangeers iv seen them gve really gd and helpful advice.

VulcanKid: ur right ill go wit my mates right? and yes Valarking is an insensitive a**hole.

Dittohead: read wot i sed to Valarking.

DYeater: tht is a gd bit of advice i thank u for it .

JordanAU : me and my mum don’t av a really good relation ship i talk to her and get along but we dont get along much.

SamAdam: thanks, n read Valarkings 1 ^.

Fligh %: i duno i nvr figurd it out :-?

shbaz: ur right shbaz.

md01: ye , but my parents? was ma dad tring to contact me…

NOR.J: hi dude, thanks for the help ur givin me here and of here .

VK and I aren’t trying to be insensitive (he went about it in a very bad way I’ll give you that). We’re just try to tell you to go to someone who can give you much better advice. We have no clue what your situtuation is. Since you seem young enough I’d say talk to school counselors or your teacher(s). It’s not that we don’t care, very much to the contrary: we want you to get better advice from people who are far more qualified.

We’re not trying to be insensitive, we’re trying to help you (I think VK has a tough-loveish approach that seems arssholish at first) If I was insensitive I would have told you that I don’t care, instead I told you that I do

I’m sorry about your shoulder, I had no idea. Had I known I would have let it slide.

I don’t know who your father is or why he left, but if he’s the criminal type you don’t seem to be in any condition to protect yourself from him. Don’t just start talking to him either, let someone who you know can help if something happens that you’re talking with him, and if you plan to meet him or do anything like that make sure this person knows before hand so if something happens they’re one step ahead of him.

Other than that I can only hope that he’s got more your interests in mind than he has his own.

Good luck…or your religious equivalent thereof.

thanks man , i dont know if i do want to meet him tho, i mean like he doesnt know n e thin bout me or nufin n he jus left me and didnt do n e thing, i also want to thank u for saying sorry and saying sorry bout ma shoulder. bye for now.

I’m not trying to be insensitive, just as you are not trying to post like a 9 year old AOL kiddie.
It just happens.

Have fun insulting me, I’m laughing at you.

You’d type like that too if you only one arm that could type. And FYI, he used to type ok, people don’t just start typing funny with no good reason.

you are amazing.