Am i a nono?

The answer is probebly yes.
I would like to learn yafray so i downloaded the files i need, and printed out how to go further.
i am doing something wrong for shure, but who can help me.
Is there a step by step tutorial or can someone tell me step by step what to do.
The documentation on the yafray site tells me to type something with XML, but what… how… please help.

Can someone tell me what to do


Haven’t read it, but the author is worthy :wink:

Yable forum on


Verry good step by step tutorial, and everything goes well until i hit "r"in the GUI.
I get a Camera error.
anybody know what the problem can be?

I’ve downloaded the ball xml file on the yafray gallery and when i open that one in GUI a screen shows me the camera settings.
What’s wrong?

Like to hear from one of you experts.

kind regards,


Don’t know, but try to select the camera and CTRL NUMPAD0 it so to switch to cametra wiev.

I had that problem once I switched view to a spotlight and the script pretended to take camera parametrs from that :slight_smile: