Am I an idiot? (radiosity)

(macouno) #1

Ok this has probably been talked about before but I did a search and can’t find it.

Tonight was my 1st night playing with radiosity. I followed a nice little online tut which worked nicely too.

here’s my issue… I colleced my meshes, did the radiosity Go/esc thing to wonderfull effect. replaced meshes, freed radio data, Then split my meshes with Lkey Pkey as instructed.

Right so… now I’d like to add me some textures and play with a lamp and all… but tno matter what I do, all I see is the result of the radiosity calculations… No texture shows at all, I tried all material buttons and the only one that makes any difference at all is “halo” hehe :wink:

I probably overlooked a single very simple step… what is it???

(Ecks) #2

I think dotblend explain it here! :smiley:

(macouno) #3

nah as I suspected I am indeed an idiot. it adds a material to the mesh… actually a material on top of the existing one… I just didn’t notice :wink:

I figured it out… or enough to move on on my own… Thx X for the pointer… I had read that post and that was actually the reason I decided to give it go.

I’ll go and try some stuff now :wink: