Am I being too hard on myself?

I was just curious, but this is my first attempt at anything blender related in a long time, and wonder if I should be happy with this or not? Do I need a side view? Or any other sort of view?

you could use some mouth loops, similar to how you have done the eyes. that will give you better topology for the mouth region, especially if you need to animate it. a side view will help you to make sure your proportions are acurate, especiallyfor the protrusion of the nose and the curves of the cheeks.

If you stop creating art, then, yes, you are being to hard on yourself.

Creating is an inherently frustrating activity, since no matter how good your results are, they will never match the ideal image you have in your mind. Mostly because, as your skills improve, your mind demands an ever higher level of perfection. You can’t win against yourself. You can only lose, and that looks like giving up. But you can also choose not to play the ‘am I any good’ game.

Should you be happy with what you have created? Hell, yes, because you are back creating stuff again. Is it any good? ::shrug:: people will offer crits if you want them, and anything can be improved. :smiley:

OK, so the image I am working from, has a side shot, but not enough of the head to turn the face into a head, would it be wrong to use a shot from another female head to help finish this head?

I generally use the drawing of a skull from Grey’s anatomy (it’s on Wikipedia) to take a look at the side view when the photograph has too much hair. Some people sketch a skull shape, using a photograph is fine, too. You should be aware there are different skull types, roughly: round, long and in-between, so pick someone with a similar shaped skull for the best results.