Am I correct: Intersect is not (yet) implemented?

Hallo, I searched for Intersect (in Blender 2.54 MathUtils) , not found?
Intersect finds (or not!) an intersection point of a ray (point and direction) in a plane defined by three vertices

After some symbolic computations I found out that cross and dot products do the job!

You can get two *.blend from
My version for 2.54 (with debug prints, should later be removed) and the prepared test for 2.49 :wink:

If not, I would suggest to supplement mathutils with something like my version
(extra eps parameter for numerical problems, what should be considered zero [absolute value]?!)

geometry.Intersect(v1, v2, v3, ray, orig, clip=1)

New one for me, didn’t even know there was a geometry module – guess it doesn’t help it doesn’t show up in the api docs…

It is there!
>>> dir (geometry)
[‘BarycentricTransform’, ‘BezierInterp’, ‘BoxPack2D’, ‘ClosestPointOnLine’, ‘Intersect’, ‘LineIntersect’, ‘LineIntersect2D’, ‘PointInQuad2D’, ‘PointInTriangle2D’, ‘PolyFill’, ‘QuadNormal’, ‘TriangleArea’, ‘TriangleNormal’, ‘doc’, ‘name’, ‘package’]

(:frowning: all my work nearly for nothing, but discovered that the result is can be done by dot en cross-product, which I did not know before)!

(OK, only difference, I think, I included a last parameter eps = 0.000001, for numerical zero)