Am i doing it right ? Retopology

hi im new to 3d and trying to to retopo my first sculpt. i watched many tutorials but still have some feeling im doing something wrong can you guys point out if something is wrong with my retopolgy and how to improve it ? before i go any further

No one can because topology is built to fulfil specific requirements, and you haven’t mentioned any. You could show a mesh that only has n-gons, and that wouldn’t be wrong on its own.

What requirements? In this order:

Those can and usually have specific requirements. There are more than one game engine and the requirements for different characters within one game can be different.

From the angle that is visible, the flows don’t entirely follow anatomy, which can be a problem with deformation. The face has many muscles that form the skin on top.
The flows for smile lines don’t exist. In the anatomy reference the muscles that pull sides of the mouth/lips to make the character smile also pull the skin, and smile lines are wrinkles parallel to those muscles from the side of the nose and to the sides of the deformed lips. The character doesn’t necessarily have to smile for those lines to appear, but they’re more prominent with a smile.

When the vertices in the control cage are moved to make the forms for the wrinkles, the pole on the cheek might be too close, and/or don’t have enough loops for them.

Just an example.

i just want to give her expression for still image will this topology be any good ?