Am I doing this wrong?

Am I doing this totally wrong? Should this be how not to make a character in Blender?

This is confusing… did you make this tutorial? Or did you try to follow the tutorial and couldn’t get the result?
Nothing is wrong with ti although the final character lacks detail (which could be improved with texture or more modeling etc.)

What are you trying to achieve?

The model you made could have been done in under 5min and rigged if you used the skin modifier, you should also practice on using the shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

Thanks! I’m just concerned with the fact that I use numerical input for all the coordinates.

the numerical input is fine, but is wholly dysfunctional for anything that doesn’t fall on even boundaries. Most of it’s use could be easier and more reliable, even in this simple case, using snapping. Also, I’m at a complete loss why you didn’t use a mirror modifier, or at least symmetry mirroring.