Am I missing something? I need help!

So I just started using Blender and I am following a tutorial online. However, in the tutorial they seem to have a tab or interface that isn’t on mine.


In this image, the first screenshot circles what the other person has, the second image is what I see on mine. As you can see, it’s different.

As someone who has never used Blender before, I am very confused and I don’t know how to find anything.
Mine is completely missing what they have, but I need it in order to do my project. How do I get it on mine?

Strange the top looks like the sculpting tab. Maybe the online tutorial was beta and they have moved things around since the video was made.

Do you know where things were moved to? I specifically need dyntopo. If it helps, the video was published January 2019 and claimed to be Blender 2.8.

This is just a setting.
In the 3D viewport, top left:
View > Tool Setting
make sure the option is checked and you will see the options bar.

The tool settings are also available in the ‘N’ panel under ‘Tool’

This worked! Thank you so much!

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