Am I really that hated or unpopular here?

Because I knew here people hated me all the time, now it seems like every well known or established member on the whole forum is against me.
I know I’ve been infamous for everything from morality to artwork but it almost seems you want to form an angry mob and burn countless residences around my town until you have me dead.

Sure I have been hated on other forums before but it seems like I became of the most unpopular people here if not the most unpopular

Well it is quite simple. you just don’t hold back some of your obsessions despite many people asking you to stop. maybe the other forums you have been to are not yet risen to the level of community and peace this particular one have. (this is the only one I found of this level so far)

All you need to do is to stop talking about cyborg dragon SOOO much.

P.S. I don’t really mind the whole cyborg dragon thing much execpt for the fact that it is ruining other threads by causing others to get frusturated and mad at you. I have not really seen any interesting threads for a long time and THAT is what frusturates me big time since I used to come by here ALL the time to see what new the other members have posted. now there is only a rare few thread in the WIP and other forum that I’m at least mildly interested in.

I think when you were Icoxo people really digged your threads (not me, but that’s just not my thing). But now you’re just being weird and annoying (like in the old times), especially with that dragon stuff you’re doing. Don’t know what you’re trying to achieve with that, but it’s absolutely not getting you somewhere.

And ‘hate’ is a bit of a strong word.

Nah, dude, I don’t think anyone here hates you. Sometimes all of the laser gear and fire just sort of diss’s folks though. Couldn’t you change and become a dragon of good things?

I don’t think people hate you, like Sago said, hate is a very strong word/feeling. People might be annoyed with you though.

I suggest you just relax a bit, be a bit less confrontational, …


The fact is, I’ve been hated by some people throughout my life. In school throughout some kids just didn’t like me well. In another forum which the subject matter is the GameMaker program I ended up causing some people to hate me so much that once someone started a whole forum just for people who hated me.

I was younger then though.

One thing you might try is not telling so many jokes, or whatever they are called. Many people are unfunny because they never stop laughing or because they never stop trying to tell jokes.

It might be something to consider, change your sig for starters.

I think that one of the reason why you have these problems is becuase even before when you was ixoco, you didn’t quite listen to what the community says to you and ask of you. a good number of people had responded about your cyborg dragon thing in vaious places and you continued to ignore them.

I don’t think you’re hated. In fact you’re WAY better than your old, younger, kansas self.

I think the issue is partly the huge number of posts you make in one thread, almost saturating them with your posts. If you settle down on your posting, I think people will be perfectly cool with you.

well, I dont hate you:) Maybe a bit annoying, but maybe thats just you

Hey, dig it, it’s CD critique time! Be resourceful and kind people!

Yes, because:

  • You were once kansas.
  • You have a sick fu**ing dragon fetish.
  • You changed your name 3 times.
  • You started this thread.

Can you say “banned”?

No one on this board hates you (except maybe social, but he’s a jackass). The Cyborg Dragon thing does get really old, just drop that and things should be a little better for you on this forum. Another reason that some people on this board is- well, you used to be Kansas_15. You spammed the forum, crashed the bandwidth, and then started taunting theeth… But I know you’ve matured since then, though some people don’t…

Well that was a clean answer social, much like the time I’ve seen you doubt the abilities of the game engine or pretend to be God.

Come to think of it you’ve traditionally been more of a put down then most other members, no offense.

about the people at school and other forums hating you, i suggest you just do what i did in similar situations: shut up. don’t say anything. instead, think up witty come-backs to use when the need arises. read/listen before you post/speak. people will think higher of you if your posts are full of insight and understanding, instead of crazy meyhem. and seriously, tone down the dragon thing. i mean, i’m into dragons too (my patron saint is saint george, i was born in the year of the dragon, i’ve got an awesome necklace with a metal dragon medalion…), but no one cares if you just spew out dragon crap at every other interval. slow down, think before you talk, consider others’ emotions. now, if you don’t mind, i’m off to do exactly what i just told you to do.

1). I never was able to crash the bandwidth.
2). I taunted Ztonzy, not Theeth.

The whole ‘Dragon’ thing kind of started at the same time Wu got Super Wu-man crazy.

Better to be the most hated than the most ignored. hehe
Seriuosly though the dragon stuff is too much.
What I would like to see is a Blender model made by ‘kanoxogon’ of this “dragon”.
Not some crap avatar that cost many threads to create.
A real award winning 3d work that took hours to create.
I know you have it in you CD.
Also it does show some good maturity the you are still around even after the flack you cop.

Oh for cryin’ out loud…
Now I have to get out my Barbie and her twelve spinning princeses.

yes but part of this issue is that Wu was accepted by the community as the “Class Clown” of our cool groups and it was kinda slow when it got started (If I rememberred correctly). you are basically trying to force the dragon thing down our throat. Like others says, I suggest that you tone down on your dragon character if you want to have better responses and stuffs around here.