Am I the oldest guy here?

Just curious, because a lot of the blenderheads seem quite a bit younger. I just turned 50, been messing with Blender for almost 2 years now. I have a degree in art (sculpture and photography, hmmm, put them together and it sounds like 3D modelling) but work as a geek for the US Postal Service.


I don’t think so, if I recall correctly there’s some pretty old dudes here. Really there’s a pretty full range of ages, there’s some old guys and I think even some 9 or 10 year olds. I think Sago and Wu are like… 4 or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea there is someone on the Bloomington Blender User Group forums that is in his 60s so I think he has you beat there. Me personally, I am only 15 so most everyone has me beat there. There are a lot of young guys here!

Pixelmass is 55 years old . . . although sometimes you would think he is 15 years old. (not that I have anything against a 15 year old - I was that age some time ago). Ofcourse most folks that age are good. Cor I just set my self up for a mauling.

*** Put’s protective gear on ***

Alright folks go for it.

How old is Grey beard?

Old enough to have a grey beard…

I’m 30.


Im also 15, so you guys got me beat by a long shot. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL, back in the day young whippersnapper, we used to have to do the things the hard way, you know, like with pencils, pens and charcoals. We even had to find paper to draw on! Don’t get all spoiled on all of this new stuff now. One day we may be back to folding origami out of leaves and then letting them dry, that way no one can figure out how it was done! Art is an evolving thing at the moment. Enjoy it and learn while you can. Just ask CD, he used to have to use dragon breaths to make tree sculpters. That must have been very difficult. It is very hard to animate a piece of charcoal! :evilgrin:
Seriously, don’t laugh about origami, Here is alinkof links.They may give you an insight into some 3D stuff. I have always found it interesting, planar to 3D. I really have taken paper sheets (flat) and have transformed them into true 3D objects. It is an amazing study. I don’t know, but some how it seems like an interesting way to explore things.

Hi klaatuteela.
Don’t worry. I’m older than you.

=22, guess im about average.

i just turned 39 and i have a book on origami aswell one for making paper planes. The most complicate i tried was a mirage. Dont remember about getting i to fly.

I even saw a 70 year old posted an animationtest on youtube the other day, so… don’t be a afraid, you’re not the oldest guy around.

Nope, not afraid of nuthin’. This old(er) dog enjoys learning new tricks. Good to see young(er) folks with an interest in art. I keep trying to get my son (14 yo) interested in Blender, but all he wants to do is make Lego characters and hang out on BZPower. His creativity is not the same as mine, and that’s cool by me.

Atom = 43.

Been using Blender for 4 years now.

:eyebrowlift2:Is’nt it spelled “the eldest guy…” ?:evilgrin:

I keep trying to get my son (14 yo) interested in Blender, but all he wants to do is make Lego characters and hang out on BZPower.
Wish my dad was that interested in blender. (:

btw. im also 15 :open_mouth:

I am 53,
Just started of with Blender, trying to learn to use the game-engine for use with physics-lessons.
Like the possibility of programming lots of stuf with Python
Like to learn some of my pupils to work with 3D-space-physics and have some of them learning the basics of programming.

im 14 and started blender about a year ago

I’ll be 51 in 4 months so don’t worry. Just remember to be a little childish (young at heart)
now and then. These kids know stuff to so don’t underestimate them. See Super3Boy on youtube.

According to lore, I am 465, but I stopped counting long ago.


And thanks for all the replies. Nice to know we’re demographically diverse as well as geographically…