Am I the only one who hates the windows 10 start menu

I actually think it’s worse than windows 8.1

There’s nothing good about it, it’s worse than both windows 7 and windows 8’s menus

How is this an improvement over windows 8 or even 7?

Not to mention the significantly slower desktop interface

(I can confirm that it’s not my hardware) [It could be the drivers though…]

I’ve been running Windows 10 for a couple months now, and am not sure I like it.
Sure, it runs OK, a little slowly, but some things are just so hard or useless.

The start menu tiles is one of them. Cool, maybe, useful, Nope.
Cortana is another. Cool, kind-of, useful, Nope.
Try and fix graphics driver problems because you have a dual-graphics setup and it didn’t work by default. Took me a weekend to get one of my graphics cards working, and the next weekend to get them doing power-saving the way it should. My battery life still isn’t what it was with windows 8.

There’s very little reason for me to actually have a Windows parition anymore. The last time I booted into it was a couple weeks back. I generally hang around on Linux, which I way prefer…

Hopefully they will fix it and when it launches the general public will know and bring those problems to light

As always… wait for SP1 or 10.1 :smiley: or that somebody just “hacks” the start/menu or is there an option to turn it off?
I think this should be modular, customizable, fast & simple to run.
Hell, even if a start/welcome page was browser based would be better. Imagine what you could do & share-update it instantly…

The start menu has an air of “FFU ad support”. They’ve already tested it in the tool bar with the Win 10. Imagine proposed bloatware lurking in the start menu. “Just click to download trial version”. Maybe a proprietary answer to Ubuntus’ software center? I wouldn’t expect good things from live tiles.

I had to buy a new laptop with windows 10 installed when my laptop with windows 7 was stolen.

Windows 10 is horrible. They basically sold me a billboard for lots of proprietary apps and softs I don’t want and have no use for. The best thing to happen to my windows 10 installation was when I discovered how to delete those thumbnails from the ‘start’ screen. Now my start screen only has six items on it, and I’ve used the display by frequency of use option to get the programs I normally use up front on the applications list. It’s still slower than molasses in January, but at least now it’s not trying to sell me stuff every time I turn my computer on.

It is NOT a “proprietary answer to Ubuntus’ software center.” It’s a blatant sales pitch and product placement, for which Microsoft is probably getting paid whether you click on those windows or not. We are being monetized coming and going.

I didn’t know they were selling Windows 10 laptops yet. Anyway, out of curiosity, is there a way to buy a new laptop without a pre-installed operating system?

How do you install an operating system on a completely blank computer anyway?

At least if a Windows user installs Linux they already have the means to make use of a GUI.

I don’t know about Windows, but most Linux distributions come as a “Live Image” so if you have a Linux installation disk or USB you just insert it and your computer boots to Linux running off the cd, dvd or usb and then you just install it from there.

It’s not like a wonky command line installer either, when you boot from the Linux installation disk it boots into the full graphical Linux desktop. You don’t even have to install it either, you can use the installation disk as a full operating system with a web browser, file manager and everything else you expect from an installed os. Although it runs slower because the resources are loaded off of the live disk rather than the hard drive so installing it is the better long term solution, but it’s great if you just want to try it out without having to partition and/or format your hard drive.

Which is why I asked that question, if I wanted to purchase a new laptop why should I pay for a Windows license if I’m not going to use Windows?

I really like Win 7 simplicity. Just show me things structured into FOLDERS. Seriously.

I think you mean Windows 8. Windows 10 isn’t out yet


But you can get some laptops with linux pre installed

Developers developers.

Vendors are already launching Windows 10 on newly built machines (according to sources like Windows Central). Orinoco probably ended up getting one of them.

I like it. It is definitely better.

I hope they put hundreds of technical improvements on Windows 10 because all I see is Universal Apps and GUI, not to mention the bloat, oh man… There should be something much more innovative in the core such speed ups, or optimizations, otherwise it will be very difficult.

Yesterday I used a PC with WindowsXP and I was amazed by how fast it was, back in 2008 I had a lousy PC and it could not show off, but now with the i5-2320 I think it will fly like a rocket. I will give it a go and see about the results.