Am I too old for the cg industry?

Hey guys/gals,

As the title suggests I am wondering does age discriminate in the computer graphics industry whether that be modelling, animation , etc. Basically I graduated in Computer Science and am now working as a programmer for a big multi national company. Sounds great but to be honest it bores me to death. Film and gaming has always been my passion and to my surprise we did a 3 month module in college on computer graphics which entailed learning a bit about cg using 3ds Max. I loved it but it was an off the wall module and totally unrelated to the rest of the course. I had to leave learning anything further about cg because of other projects in my final year. Now I am regretting that I didn’t go to college to learn about animation, etc. I have never used Blender but I hear its along the lines of 3ds Max which I was very comfortable with, I made this short animation as an assignment in the cg module(Don’t laugh, it was my first animation!)

I’m 27 in June. Even if I put in the work, what are the prospects of any sort of career in the industry? I just bought a book (Blender Foundations: Essential Guide to Learning Blender 2.6) to get me back into it. I can’t go back to college because of financial constraints but I have no problem studying on my own. Are college certificates/degrees required?


You aren’t too old, junior.
An impressive showreel/portfolio and a little networking is all that’s required.

Not by a mile! I was older than you are now when I switched careers and went to work in a studio. In fact your technical background can give you an edge to get your foot in the door. Studios are always hiring Technical Assistants, Assistant Technical Directors, Resource Assistants, and so on. One of the common requirements is a CS background and that fact that you have that works in your favor. Even tho these jobs have a lot of technical support roles your path is not set in stone and I know people who have started in those fields and became either TD’s, animators, or even stayed in engineering (like I did). The fact is that it gets you in the door and that is the hardest part.

You do not need a degree in animation, most job postings ask for some sort of college education and you already have that covered (no matter what your major is). I can say from experience that if your resume came through my department (and as long as you mentioned your 3D interests, even if the quality of your work needs improvement) you would stand a good chance of at least getting an interview. We have even interviewed (but didn’t hire) people who never opened a single 3D application in their entire life because we had no other candidates.

The best advice I can give you is just apply. That sounds dumb but you would be surprised how many people look at our job postings and never apply because they just don’t think they have a chance.

I am 16 yrs. old(17 in a month) and it has been 8 months since I have started using blender and I have shown massive progress. Just take you’re time, give it 4 hours a day and before you know it Blender will be your 2nd home.

Presumably Zero means your first home is BlenderArtists. :smiley: best advice I can give you is just apply.

the age is not the problem. just apply to the times.

All I can advise is that you be a bit realistic. Keep one foot on the ground - that is if you don’t get a job in the 3d field, at least you have some other work to get you going. At the end of the retirement spectrum, I hope you have some money to travel to the odd exotic country.
3d work isn’t just about sitting in front of a screen changing caffeine into artwork. It takes about 10 years become truly good at 3d … are you prepared to risk that time while applying for work etc ?